The Voices of Activism

Better Angels The Voices Of Activism

Better Angels Podcast

In this new series of the Better Angels podcast, Sarah Brown is exploring how different personality types call for change. In this episode of the series, Sarah speaks to a range of guests about the Voices of activism.

First we hear from Scottish actor David Tennant about his work supporting various charities, including Comic Relief and Worldwide Cancer Research. Sarah speaks to David about how to best use his well known voice for a good cause.

Sarah then speaks with Omotoke Titilope Olowo, a Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador from Nigeria, who represented her country and the charity at the United Nations meetings in 2018. Sarah speaks with Omotoke about her work as a special needs therapist at a school in Nigeria, and how her work shapes her campaigning voice.

Next, we hear from Kim Polman, founder of Reboot the Future, a non-profit organisation that aims to use the Golden Rule, ‘treat others as you would wish to be treated,’ to inspire, unite and hold to account leaders and citizens to build an increasingly compassionate and sustainable world.

Finally, Sarah speaks with Natasa Pantelic about her work as a local councillor in England, and how she is finding a voice to make a difference in her local community.