#YouPromised: Send a message to world leaders

In 2016 world leaders promised to give the funding needed to get 1m Syrian refugees into school.

Tell world leaders they must take urgent action to get every Syrian refugee child into school.

In early 2016, a promise was made to 1.7 million Syrian refugee children. World leaders pledged that their futures wouldn’t be abandoned. They promised the money to send all those children to school. It’s the kind of promise you don’t break.

Nearly a year later, we have much to be proud of. More than half of all Syrian refugee children are being given an education – and a future. For many of them, that day in February was life-changing.

But we can’t celebrate just yet. Close to half a million children are still waiting for that promise to be kept, because not all of the money has been handed over to make it happen. They are waiting and their futures are waiting.

Nelson Mandela once said “Promises to children should not be broken”. We couldn’t agree more - help us make them keep it.

We can get every single one of those kids into school. We just need world leaders to stump up the rest of the money that has already been pledged.

Next week, world leaders are meeting in Brussels to review progress since last year. We just need your help to make sure the promise is on their agenda - and these children are not forgotten.

We want everyone to demand they put children at the top of their agenda when they sit down to discuss the Syrian crisis. We know they listen to this type of pressure.

We want to get all Syrian refugee children back into school where they belong - and you can help. Send a message today.

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