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Eligibility criteria

To apply for the Education Innovation Scale-Up Awards, your innovation must:

  1. Be administered by a registered non-profit, NGO or charity.
  2. Have completed a pilot and reached at least 5,000 beneficiaries, been in existence for 18+ months and have some initial evidence of scale-up potential.
  3. Focus on an issue that falls under one or more of Theirworld’s thematic priority areas:
    • The best start in life – includes a healthy birth, and quality and inclusive early childhood education.
    • A safe place to learn –  means looking out for vulnerable children and youth, especially children in emergencies and conflict.
    • Skills for the future – ensures all young people are ready to become engaged citizens able to participate meaningfully in society and the future of work.
    • Climate awareness and/or education
  4. Reach marginalised learners, such as people in poverty and/or refugee or displaced populations.

While projects can come from any country, we will prioritise applications that have impact in, or intend to scale to, one or more countries where we have existing projects (see map)

We prioritise applications from community-led organisations. A community-led organisation is:

  • registered in the country of activity
  • staffed mainly by people who are citizens of, or living in, the country of activity
  • governed by a board made up of members who are citizens of, or living in, the country of activity

To see the full eligibility criteria, click here.

If your innovation does not meet the eligibility criteria, please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how you can stay in touch for future Awards.

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