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#YourWalk helps Ukrainian children keep learning.

By taking part in Theirworld, Your Walk, you’ll help children disrupted by war in Ukraine continue their education.

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Thousands of Ukrainian schools have been damaged or destroyed, leaving 1.7 million children learning remotely or in a hybrid model. But around 300,000 children inside Ukraine can’t access remote learning due to a lack of devices.

To help meet that need, Theirworld is working with the Ukrainian government to urgently deliver more than 100,000 laptops so some of the most vulnerable children – living on or near the frontlines – can keep learning despite the disruption of war.

Please help us by taking on a steps challenge this June. For every $200 raised, Theirworld will be able to donate one HP laptop to help a child in Ukraine stay connected to education.

Pick one of these walking challenges

Thrilling 300k Badge

Thrilling 300k

Walk the ‘Thrilling 300k’: Take 300,000 steps in a month (an average of 10,000 steps a day)

Magic Million Badge

Magic Million

Form a team to walk the ‘Magic Million’: Walk a 1,000,000 steps. You can do this as a group – such as with family, friends, school or workplace

Students study in a bomb shelter in Kharkiv, Ukraine using donated laptops. The laptops were donated as part of the Digital Equity in Ukraine project via local partner Fundacja Q to a school in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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For every $200 raised, Theirworld will be able to donate one HP laptop to help a child in Ukraine stay connected to education.

Plus, this year’s Theirworld, Your Walk is supported by WalkActive – a complete physical activity and fitness education system designed to help you walk healthier and happier.

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Walk better with WalkActive

This year’s Theirworld, Your Walk is supported by WalkActive – a scientifically proven system that enhances cardiovascular fitness, focuses on the fundamentals of walking better and makes each step purposeful toward your health and fitness goals.

By signing up to the walk you’ll get access to a free package of resources, including an introduction to the WalkActive method, a set of guided walks and more to motivate you towards your step goal.

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For corporates

Take on the steps challenge as a company

Form a company team and engage employees to contribute their steps in June to reach the ‘Magic Million’ – while seeing how much money you can raise for essential education.

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For schools

Take on the steps challenge as a school

#YourWalk is a great way to engage children and families with global issues such as conflict and refugees – all while experiencing the benefits of walking outdoors.

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Anya, 16 lives with her mother Lyudmila, and father Serhii in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. They had to flee to Zaporizhzhia from their home on the border with Donetsk region when it became occupied, meaning they had to leave their possessions behind. The war has also meant Anya has been unable to attend school in person. To allow her to learn remotely, Anya received a HP laptop which has allowed her to continue her education and stay connected.

Why walk? Anna's story

You may think a laptop is just a laptop. But for young Ukrainians, a laptop is a lifeline. It provides a connection with family and friends, a sense of stability during a crisis and most of all, a way to keep on learning.

Student Anna tells how a donated laptop meant she could continue her education after her family had to flee their home and leave everything behind.

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