July 10, 2017

"We collected 15,000 books to set up libraries in remote villages and help to educate children"

The group believe reading will help educate more people

Photo credit: Amit Jain

Amit Jain

Global Youth Ambassador from India

Our network of Global Youth Ambassadors help to spread the word about education in their communities - here's one example from India of their work.

Along with approximately 100 other youths, I have been working with Eklavya, an NGO based in Maharashtra.

We collected more than 15,000 books in order to set up libraries in five remote villages. The concept is to spread the habit of reading in rural parts of the country and educate more and more children.

Our first event took place in Pune.

Eklavya have collected more than 15,000 books 

Photo credit: Amit Jain

The books are being used to set up libraries in villages

Photo credit: Amit Jain
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