Brainy boy from Benin passes his Baccalaureate exam at the age of 11

Peace Delaly Nicoue With Alphonse Da Silva Director Of Director Of Benin Baccalaurrate Programme Beninwebtv Com
Peace Delaly Nicoue with Alphonse da Silva, director of Benin's Baccalaureate programme (

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Peace Delaly Nicoue said he was "happy and relieved" to have passed seven years earlier than usual - now he wants to study economics at university.

Only about half of young people in Benin can read and write. 

That makes 11-year-old Peace Delaly Nicoue even more exceptional. When he was four he could write perfect French and English.

In fact, he was so gifted he skipped primary school and went straight into middle school.

Now he has taken the Baccalaureate exam and passed – seven years early.

Most students take the Baccalaureate at 18 to qualify them for university. But Peace was given special permission by Benin’s education department.

He told BBC Afrique he was “happy and relieved” to score 17 out of 20 in mathematics because he plans to study economics at university.

Peace’s father Parfait Afoutou Nicoue called him “a gifted child” and said: “When he was four years old he could write in perfect French and English without making mistakes.”

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