Nigerian youth motivated to get involved in helping education

Teachers and learning

By Idiche Charles, A World at School Global Youth Ambassador from Nigeria

I held an educational forum event at Niger Delta University in Nigeria on August 24, attended by 40 youths.

There were three topics covered:

MDGs 101

I explained to the participants the past, present and future of the education Millennium Development Goal  and the vision and goals of A World At School.

Participation is you

I motivated the participants to get involved in the 500-day #EducationCountdown of the MDGs. I was able to pass on the message that their participation in the decision-making process of the educational sector in Nigeria is required to make the system better, to take the system from where it is now to where it ought to be. I was able to motivate them and prepare their minds to get involved in social change.


I prepared a survey designed to get participants’ views on better primary and secondary schools in terms of access and quality of learning. I got some very brilliant ideas too.

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