Parenting influencer Jyoti Chand joins the Global Tantrum

A scene from the video featuring Jyoti Chand at home with her dog

Jyoti Chand is a hit on social media for her parenting tips and funny films about being a mother.

But now she’s looking at life from the other side. In a new video, the parenting influencer and entertainer channels her inner toddler to protest about the millions of children missing out on early years care and education.

Jyoti – known online as Mamajotes – is the latest celebrity to join Theirworld’s Global Tantrum. Her indoor security camera captures her behaving like a frustrated young child over the lack of action and investment by world leaders.

Watch Jyoti’s tantrum

Our Global Tantrum films featuring British actor Matt Lucas, American singer Kimberly Wyatt and Kenyan TV star Jacky Vike have been watched almost 600,000 times so far on Instagram and TikTok. More well-known names will be joining in the coming weeks.

Jyoti said: “Early childhood, before a child is set to start kindergarten, are some of the most important years, in terms of growth and learning. These primary years set the tone for the years to come, and can also set our children up for success.

“I’ve learned that being able to nurture our two young kids, in the way that we have, and with the resources that we have, is a privilege. It’s a privilege that every child deserves to have.”

The Global Tantrum is part of Theirworld’s Act For Early Years campaign. We will take the Tantrum to the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September to raise awareness among world leaders.

In 2018, G20 countries made a ground-breaking commitment to the world’s youngest children – but those have gone off track.

More than half of the world’s children – about 350 million – have no access to childcare and 175 million are not enrolled in pre-primary education. Without the right early years support, children fall behind even before they have started school.

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